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Dienstag, 19. April 2011

School Play - The Liar

Thanks to Eric,  who was so kind and invited me to our school play, I could enjoy a nice evening!
(Sidenote: Because of me he's broke now; no more lunch money and no more money for Leaugue of Legends....)
Everyone told me that I needed to go, especially as an exchange student I shouldn't miss it. And they were absolutely right!  It was fantastic *-* It's funnier for us to watch and enjoy it than for you, since they are our classmates. However here is a short summary of "The Liar" and of course some piiicctuuurres

" All seems well in Venice! Shy Florindo loves Rosaura, although he can't tell her. Handsome Ottavio loves Beatrice, although her attention often wanders. Then Lelio arrives home after 20 years. He's smooth, handsome and the world's biggest liar. He impersonates a rich nobleman to impress the girls, but then has to lie more and more to keep his story straight. Eventually he deceives everyone - even his own father - and causes complete chaos! Meanwhile, Arleechino, Lelio's silly servant, copies his master and woos a local maidservant, but he doesn't lie as convincingly...
Falsehoods, fist fights, broken engagements, romantic misunderstandings, angry parents and duels of honour all ensue before it's revealed that Lelio is already married! Cleonice, his wife, arrives and drags him off to Rome, leaving our true lovers to marry and carry on their less extravagant, but hones, lives"

After that we treated ourselves with BUBBLETEA ... unfortunately I ordered the wrong thing, so that it didn't taste that well... I'll tell ya, never order Passion Joghurt. Also the shop ran out of the pearls since it was 11pm haha. All in all, it was a funny night though :)

...last picture... on our way to the theatre ... @Denise: Wait a minute Boy, why you tripping like that?
You think 'cause you tricking you get it just like that?
Wait a minute...

Alright, good night everyone! PEAACE!


  1. "no more money for LOL"...why?
    Ist doch kostenfrei das Spiel oO

  2. bei jedem Spiel gibst doch so dinger wo man auch mit echtem Geld mehr ausrüstung und so kaufen kann, und irgendwie geben die hier tatsächlich geld dafür aus XD