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Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

Cherry Blossoms

Another boring day in our lives. Guess what? 
We took some pictures again. This time we didn't plan to have photo-shoot at all, but somehow we ended up with 122 pictures. Since it was a spontaneous idea, we didn't  dress ourselves up - instead we looked very tired and exhausted from school. However we noticed that a lot of people looked at us... in fact they spoke to us. Isn't it weird?
First, when we were on our way to Burrard, some adolescents continuously starred at us. When we waited for the skytrain, the boys stood next to us. One of the guys watched us through his sunglasses and when we sat in the skytrain, he even put off his sunglasses and continued starring. CREEPY, I tell ya. Anyway, if you wonder how I knew he was looking at us? Well, I'm Lin, I just know it ... joke... Denise told the end of the day XD

Later when we arrived at Burrard to take some pictures with all the beautiful cherry blossoms.

A Malaysian couple talked to us and wanted to take a picture with me. Weird² He asked me if I were Filipino, but I told him that I was half Chinese and Vietnamese. Out of sudden he asked for my name in Vietnamese !!!! FREAKING AMAZING right?! He told me that he studied for four years in Hanoi - what a coincidence, my mum is from there too. He wanted to know my Email, so he can send me the picture but I as you can see, I have my own picture BAM
After that, we went to Starbucks and guess what? On our way to Starbucks a group of business students passed by and said HEEY ... I had to laugh so hard HAHA
When we were in Starbucks ( Like like like <3)  Some random guy, who stood behind us, started recommending us some drinks. Probably we girls looked so helpless and confused - as always- anyway he wasn't helpful... He didn't even know about my favourite drink hot salted caramel chocolate  
Ya i know, it looks so yummy right? *-*

Anyway, I ended up getting a hot salted caramel chocolate with extra salt, because the guy behind the counter thought I was cute hahaha
- Insert a very cute picture of myself (HAHA I have to laugh so hardly XDD) 
Okay, that was my little trip to Downtown with Denise...again.
I'll upload the pictures later, because I'm in Art right now and I'm working industriously on my Art project, as you all can see. hehe ... by the way that was ironic Oo whuahaha
Maaannn I'm hungry -____- I want to eat my instant noodles *o*

       Have a nice day everyone!!!   

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