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Freitag, 25. März 2011

Make up Haul

Now you get to know my obsession, which is make up!  Well, that's what my blog is about right?
Anyway, I bought so much stuff these days that my wallet is screaming for pain now... however, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my big make up haul. & noo... I'm not crazy

It's not all for me though, as you can see there is some stuff i bought 2 or 3 times, that's because I'm shopping for my mum and my sister too. Actually there is much more, but I already shipped some back to germany.

Close up of Foundation and Lip stuff 

The whole picture has a total value of 151, 35$(tax included) WHOAA that's insane! When I think of the stuff i didn't include in this picture, such as my other two concealers by Hard Candy Camouflage, three different types of gel eyeliners, three more mascaras, another lip slider gloss...  hmm whatelse ... can't think of more right now. Wow, I'm speechless myself hahaha I spent more on cosmetics than on clothes.
What else can I say than ... Oh my Buddha!

 Update: I tried to calculate my other stuff and include it into this one which is 46,96$ - so in total I spent 198,30$$$ ....So saad... and my plan was to get more stuff ... shame on me T________T 

Update 2:  I went to Walmart again... and guess what? I bought more cosmetics Total: 13.79$ ... 
And I also forgot to mention my US- Make up haul, where I spent way more than 50$... I guess it was 80$ So in total, I nearly spent 300$ !!!!!!! INSANE

Minute of Silence. 

Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

Photoshoot - Sophisticated Look

Amazing what ideas come to your mind when you feel bored, a photoshoot is one of them. So my friend Denise and I decided to do a photoshoot together; our theme - looking sophisticated with bright lips.
At the beginning I didn't feel comfortable wearing such bright lips; in this case pink berryish lips - it's so unusual to me, especially with my full lips ~__~; at this point greetings to my sister, who keeps teasing me with it, don't worry I still love you ♡ However, we had a lot of fun today and out of 353 pictures in total, there are surprisingly some good pictures haha. I hope you guys like them and let me know if you like this look :)

Hope you guys enjoyed it! 
Until next time, keep smiling & take care u guys ☺

                   P.S.: Go your way well-considered and you won't regret anything...