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Sonntag, 10. April 2011

Canada Delta

Yesterday I went with Denise and her aunt to Delta. It was her best friend's child birthday. Our first impression when we came there was: Oh my Buddha... for Denise: Oh my God :-P everywhere were children screaming and laughing. They were running around the house and the parents were standing aside watching them. We imagined our future, asking ourselves: How would our family picture look like in the future, how would we feel being a mum? How could we manage our families and still have enough time for our friends?  It was kinda funny, how we sat there and ate, imaging our perfect life with beautiful lovely children and our husband we're always dreaming of... *-*
But come one... can you imagine me being a mother ?...I don't think so hahaha
After that we also went to Delta's beach, it was so windy but also very beautiful.
It's a good place to destress yourself by screaming out your lungs (an advice by denise's aunt haha)
...& nooow it's time for camewhoring yaaay
Amazing how much fun two girls can have in a car with a camera right? 


  1. Scheiß Weiber und ihre Cams! XD Bist ja noch schlimmer als ich XD

  2. HAHA WAS DENN, sonst hab ich nichts zum bloggen XD