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Freitag, 17. Juni 2011

Home Sweet Home

... Looong time no see...
Sorry guys, I've just been so busy lately - no time for blogging.
The reason for is...*drumrolls* 12th June was my homeflight. Yes, I'm back in Germany.
My highschool year has come to an end and although I'm happy being home again, I feel very sad leaving all my new friends behind in Canada. Also, Stanley Cup (Hockey) was on and Canucks, Vancouver made it into the Finale but unfortunately they lost against Boston 4:0 and did not win the Stanley Cup) ...I tell ya, only because I wasn't there to support them ... no joke! :-P

Right now I'm in Chua Vien Giac, Hanover - a buddhist pagoda. Have you ever heard of the Jade Buddha? It's the world biggest Buddha Statue and it will come to Hanover from 18th to 26th June, 2011. Everyone is busy with work, whether decoration, cooking or cleaning. Everything must be perfect, so that this festival can be a success.

 It's 12.26pm right now and I try to write as much as I can, since my mum told me to shut down my laptop at exactly 12.30pm, because I have to get up tomorrow to pray "Kinh Lang Nghiem" which starts at 5.45am. I really missed praying with the Sangha... all their power and spirits are united as one. Really awesome!

Hmm I gotta sleep now.  I only have one minute left oh oh... haha. Hopefully I have enough energy to start a new busy day tomorrow :-)

Have a nice day/night everyone!