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Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011

Hair coloration

Hey guys! I decided to dye my hair again, this time a little darker. It took me a very long time to choose a color... Seriously you can not imagine how many times I walked in drugstores, starred at the color variation and went out again. Even my friends got annoyed by me ... It was always the same thing, whether that color was to golden/red/dark/cool/warm etc or just not my taste. Finally though, I chose
Honeybrown 54 by Poly Palette - permanent natural colors 
Brown Richness
While I dyed my hair, my mum thought it would turn out black. She scared the hell out of me... but fortunately, everything went fine. So if you try it out too, don't be scared that your hair look very dark at first.
As you can see, the color turned out more red, which I really like!!! <3 
If you're wondering why it looks more golden blonde at some spots, it's because of my bad bathroom lighting... that's why the pictures don't show the "real" color unfortunately...

As you can see, my hair looked way more blonde-redish before and really bright compared to now. I love the result, since I wanted to have a "real brown" color, not too blonde but not too red. I'm glad that I picked this color. Since I dyed my hair in the evening, I couldn't take a picture in natural lighting, but I will do it soon!

All in all, this product kept his promises. You'll get what you see on the picture. The coloration mix isn't itchy or "burning" at all. In fact, it feels very comfortable. I'm really content with this product and I would definitely repurchase it again, if I'm looking for a good natural looking brown!

I hope this short "review" was helpful and fun to read (cough cough) 
Until next time, take care everyone!
Lin :)

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