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Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

Photoshoot - Sophisticated Look

Amazing what ideas come to your mind when you feel bored, a photoshoot is one of them. So my friend Denise and I decided to do a photoshoot together; our theme - looking sophisticated with bright lips.
At the beginning I didn't feel comfortable wearing such bright lips; in this case pink berryish lips - it's so unusual to me, especially with my full lips ~__~; at this point greetings to my sister, who keeps teasing me with it, don't worry I still love you ♡ However, we had a lot of fun today and out of 353 pictures in total, there are surprisingly some good pictures haha. I hope you guys like them and let me know if you like this look :)

Hope you guys enjoyed it! 
Until next time, keep smiling & take care u guys ☺

                   P.S.: Go your way well-considered and you won't regret anything...


  1. Holy Cow! What happened to my lil sis? XD

    Voll korean chick oder what? Aber i like ur style =D und von wegen bright lip stick! Bei mir isses bright! Bei dir sowas von sheer!!! XD

  2. nein das war voll bright aber auf den fotos nicht mehr :( ich zeig dir mal ein close up von den lippen :D wenn ich wieder poste, was ich so benutzt hab blubb