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Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

Jade Buddha - Chua Vien Giac, Hanover

I finally get to write my post about the Jade Buddha festival celebrated in Hanover, Chua Vien Giac.
It's the world biggest Buddha statue made of Jade. People from everywhere (Swiss, France, Norway...)  have assembled at the temple to welcome and honor the statue for 10 days.
For me though, the first day was the most important one because guess what, I was the MC for the opening ceremony wohooo...but as expected I failed haha Well, actually I haven't done too bad but it could have been better right? Although, I was pretty nervous I've enjoyed it. I mean, come on there were thousands of people starring at you, waiting for you to make a mistake. You also have to keep in mind that everything was recorded....sigh see what I mean? Nevertheless, it was pretty funny especially when everyone goes like: Were you the MC? Can I take a picture with you?!
It was reeaaally worth it and I can not thank my master enough for gaving me this opportunity. Thanks to him I could gain more self-confidence and got an unique experience...not forget to mention all the professional pictures YAY :-P :D

 Family Picture <3


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  1. niceeee.... du siehst super aus, der jade buddha ist wunderschön *.* ich hab den auch gesehen, aber in hessen. Wollte auch chua vien giac gehen...hat aber nicht geklappt -.-